United Propane Gas got its start in the propane business in the small town of Wyatt, Missouri.

(You can find it if you look hard enough on a map.)

Wyatt MO_Web

Our CEO’s father, Jack Small, started his own propane delivery business from the back of his pick-up truck in the 1950s, delivering propane bottles throughout the town.

Those were simpler times, but that doesn’t mean they were easier. Delivering bottles of propane turned out to be pretty good work. As his business continued to grow, the Small family saw fit to move their outfit across the river, to Paducah, Kentucky, in the late 1980s.

By that time, the company had built a presence and reputation as a hard-working, honest business throughout the surrounding regions. It was in the late ‘90s that United Propane Gas as you know it today was born as a consolidation of the Small family’s effort to bring everyone together under one united name.

Since then, United Propane Gas has prided itself on being not only a family-owned operation, but a family-grown one as well. We’re celebrating over 65 years of service, and we couldn’t be more proud. We’re currently able to provide service to more than ten states, and that number is still growing. More states, counties, towns, and neighborhoods are added to the UPG family each year.

That’s our story, and we’d like to be part of yours!